James Fox Co


Our Story

James Fox Co. was ­­­­­­birthed out of Karla’s own new mami experiences. Like most first-time expectant mothers, she had no idea what to expect in the delivery room. Though she knew it would be a challenge, the image of holding brand new baby France (now 4) painted a glorious picture in Karla’s mind. Unfortunately, nothing went according to plan. France suffered complications and was never handed to her mami in the delivery room. Instead, she was suddenly rushed to the NICU where she would spend her first several days.

Karla was able to remain with France during this scary time, but was unprepared for the extended stay. She wore the same, faded, scratchy hospital gowns while nursing, and during precious bonding visits with baby.
Karla could never have anticipated any of the feelings of defeat and powerlessness that surfaced as a result of a traumatic birth experience. What she found most surprising was her overwhelming need for comfort, and desire to feel beautiful in what she was wearing

Two Years Later

Fast forward to the birth of Karla’s second born, Fair (now 2) This time around, even Karla’s best efforts failed to prepare her for another traumatic labor and delivery experience. Nothing she put on made her feel feminine, or at ease as she nursed, healed and welcomed loved ones.

 Months after Fair’s birth, Karla knew she wanted to create something ‘hospital approved’ that could serve both as a comfort in the midst of the unexpected, as well as a quiet reminder that a mother is first, a woman.
 For Karla and countless other new mamis during this sensitive season, there are few things that surpass the need to feel beautiful, feminine and completely at ease.


We, at James Fox Co. wish to fill your birth story with comfort, beauty and functionality.
— Karla + Jason Quiz

The Familia Behind James Fox Co.

Opposites attract right? Jason and Karla Quiz are no exception to this rule.  He’s reserved; she couldn’t hold back if she tried. He’s the craftsman behind the Quiz-family framework, and she’s the bold and lavish color that brings it to life. She dreams dreamy dreams, and he makes a way for them to become reality...But the dream they dream together is to raise happy, confident girls, who live life to the fullest, spreading kindness all the way.

The Quiz familia loves to travel and learn together from new places and cultures. They are inspired by the beauty of foreign surroundings, and offer that beauty to you, gown by gown at James Fox Co.