James Fox Co


Reviews & Testimonials

Amanda Jane Jones
"I was lucky enough to have a James Fox hospital gown for my second and it was a game changer. After not having a packed hospital bag for my first, I was determined to be completely prepared for my second. I used the black linen James Fox Co. gown and it made my hospital stay so much easier (and photographs so much better.) It is soft and comfortable and easy to nurse in, sleep in, move around in...I'm plan to use it for each of my future deliveries."


Kate Brightbill
"I wore my James Fox gown as I recovered from delivering my sweet baby boy. The fabric was soft for his new baby skin; the snaps made nursing simple. I received so many compliments from nurses and other moms on our hospital floor on how pretty I looked in my gorgeous gown. In my deliriously sleepy and worn out state, to hear that I looked beautiful was such sweet encouragement. Thank you for creating such loveliness, James Fox! xx"



Danielle Sandoval
"Soooo worth it Mammas, don't even think twice. I cannot tell you enough about how much I loved this gown and how special it is to me. It's beautiful, the quality is great, and you will feel amazing in it. The thing I love the most about it however, is how it helped give me the dignity I needed in some of my most broken moments.

As a Mamma that had unexpected labor complications, this gown made it possible for me to truly feel comfortable in my hospital recovery room while so many family and friends were visiting. I was able to walk around freely without having to worry about being completely exposed like with the hospital tie gowns. It really helped me cherish my time welcoming my sweet little one, and focus on healing. I have such wonderful memories every time I see it, and reminds me I can do pretty much anything. Thanks JFCo, I'm a fan!"

Chrissy Powers, M.A.
"I never knew how meaningful my James Fox gown would be until I gave birth to my second son. After our first golden hours together skin to skin, I slipped into my soft, clean gown and felt like the new woman and mama I was. Every woman that has just given birth (however that process goes) is a goddess in my opinion; wearing this gown afterward just made me feel more like it. It was practical, beautiful and extremely comfortable. I've since passed it down to 3 of my best friends that have given birth after me and their sentiments are the same. We've created our own sisterhood of the traveling birthing gown and for some reason I feel it's made us all closer."


XO Mrs Measom
"When I went to have my first babe, I didn't know what I needed, or what to pack. Like most I had my baby in a hospital gown. A gown someone else had worn...yuck! When I went to have our second, I knew I needed a gown of my own. Something to recover and feel pretty in. That's when I found JFCo. They gave me a gown I could wear pre-baby, post baby, and even while nursing baby. Worth every single penny!"