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The inspiration behind James Fox Co. started with the immense challenge experienced by Karla while giving birth to both of her daughters, France and Fair.

There was a point, with both girls, that it was as if all of my nightmares were coming true. Any and all plans I made were out the window, and I was completely dependent upon the doctors to see both me and my daughters safely through.”

It is a terrifying thought to not have professional medical care available in these moments of crisis, but for many women in Uganda this is not just a thought, it is a reality.

Ugandan women in labor are required to bring a, “Maama kit” (a delivery kit that includes such items as, a knife, soap, a plastic tarp and gloves) with them before they can even be seen by a physician.  Without this kit they are not able to deliver their baby safely, in a hospital.

The kit costs less than 20,000 Ugandan Schillings (UGX) ($10 USD) but for many women, this is simply out of reach.  Some women borrow used equipment from other mothers, often resulting in infection and the spread of disease, including HIV. Still, other women are left to fend for themselves in their homes and other, unimaginable places. With no medical help or a clean environment in which to deliver, even small complications can lead to severe injury, infection, or even death.

Stories like these can be overwhelming, and while we cannot do everything to help these mothers and their babies, we can do something.

“My heart is to help women in need. Opening a door for, ‘Mothers To Help Mothers’, is a dream come true. Together we are stronger.”  -Karla

James Fox Co. would like to give you an opportunity to help these mothers in need. We will be offering the “Maama Kits” for purchase on our site. For less than the cost of a package of diapers, you can help a mother deliver her baby safely, thousands of miles away. 

In effort to help as many women as possible, James Fox Co. will be designating a portion of every gown purchase to help provide additional kits for mothers in need.


Mothers Helping Mothers. There is something beautiful about that.