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The Future of James Fox Co.

Jason QuizComment

Here at James Fox Co., there is nothing more important than giving back. 

We know that the bond between women who have carried precious, little lives into this world is indescribable.  It is an unspoken commitment to our fellows to offer wisdom, support, or a simple, knowing look that says,  'I've been there too’.

At James Fox Co., we know that this bond presents a tremendous opportunity to give back.  Our hands will extend to mothers who live a mile away, and those who live half way around the world. 

Mothers Helping Mothers, has always been the anthem in our hearts, and we want nothing more than to offer you a chance to sing along with us.  Very soon, we will launch our very first, Mothers Helping Mothers, project.  Through it, you will see the impact that you can make on a mother whom you have never even met.  One gown purchase can make a difference. 
We offer a heartfelt, thank you for all of your support of James Fox Co., and for helping us help other mothers in need.